Why that is a good thing.

It’s a given. In the not-so-distant future, technology will change the very nature of our lives. While conspiracy theories abound about whether or not this is a good thing, there are things we cannot deny we need help with. We are actively working to bring that future to existence, and here’s why. With or without technology, the world is changing. Climate change is a more likely, and real threat than the apocalyptic movies we love to watch, yet save a handful of people, not many are doing anything about it.

Good intentions are not enough.

We need to do more; more than just recycling. 80% of domestic gas consumed in the UK is used for space heating during winter, almost a third??? of which is wasted on unoccupied rooms, yet a 100% of it affects the environment and climate. While these statistics are enough to sober anyone, and a lot of you reading this have heard some variation of these facts, it doesn’t quite translate into action. Why? Because there aren’t enough solutions that are cost, time, and effort effective, and while we may care about climate change, life gets in the way. Some of the most serious threats to our existence can only be solved by technology, but it’s not enough to invent things. For these technologies to become part of daily use, they have to be as easy to use as mobile devices and require even less maintenance .

What are you going to do about it?

This is why we’re excited to bring you Radbot; our affordable, easy to install, fit-and-forget radiator valve. Radbot curbs the waste of energy from heating rooms you’re not using by detecting and learning your patterns, so your spaces are not just saving energy when you are not using them, but preemptively warmed up when you need them. You don’t have to walk into cold rooms anymore! Radbot anticipates your heating needs so that apart from energy and money efficiency, its intelligent design means increased comfort for you. And should you ever break a pattern or need a room heated at an unusual time, it has an override button, so you can boost the heating for about 30 minutes.
The best part is how little effort it all takes. After purchasing the number of Radbot units you need; one for each radiator, you are done with installation in a couple of minutes (per radiator), after which your heating schedule is basically on autopilot. You do not need to do anything more at this point to start saving money, and the Earth, with increased comfort. However, if you are smarter than the average bear, advanced control of your settings may also be an option.

Ready.., Set….

Our mission is to get Radbots on 80% of British home radiators within 3o years, which will help reduce carbon emissions by up to 10%. We’ve worked very hard for a long time on getting this device right. And now, with the help of a few other passionate people who contributed at the open source stage of development, the Radbots are here. Well almost. We need your help to run this final stretch. If you’re passionate about climate change, looking to save a few extra bucks, or just want a bit more comfort, help make Radbot a reality. Our Kickstarter campaign launches in November. Before the launch, you can subscribe to our newsletter here to stay informed. We won’t flood your inbox with unnecessary mails, we hate spam too!