The road to where we are now was fraught with challenges a-plenty. As is expected when one embarks on any business venture. As is multiplied, when said venture is as tall an order as a mission to get smart heating controls in 80% of households in the UK to curb 10% of its Carbon footprint.
This is the part where we tell the tales of our travails, and if we knew then what intriguing reading it would make for, we’d have kept copious notes. However, we do have quite the interesting abridged version by way of a comic series running on The Register. Check it out if you love tales of triumph.
More to the point, we’re here now. A week to our crowdfunding campaign, where we will be counting on you to go Kickstarter in droves to back our product, so as soon as next winter, we can mass produce.

Why Radbot

We all need to stay warm during the winter. And heating our homes is a large part of this. Unfortunately, it also makes for a huge chunk of carbon emissions that are bad for the earth. A chunk as huge as 80% of the domestic energy we consume. This evil may not be as necessary as we think. Up to a third of this energy is wasted on heating rooms that are unoccupied, and most of the existing solutions to curb this are largely ignored. For the average house dweller who just wants to stay warm, they either feature complicated controls, are too expensive, or ineffective. This why when we set out to create this solution, ease of use in terms of adoption, and value provided; monetary or otherwise, was very important.

What is Radbot?

Radbot is the very nifty name for our super smart, open source Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV). It is a little device you fix in place of your current radiator in minutes to begin saving money, in increased comfort, with minimal effort.
3 years ago, we started developing this product. Our goals were simple: a heating solution that would make it easier for people to save money without sacrificing comfort or ease of use to get there.
At this point, we have to recognize the awesome people who contributed to this project in the early stages. We appreciate the efforts of our collaborators at the open source stage of this project.
And now, after many iterations of testing and research, we’re ready for you to meet Radbot.

How Does It Work?

Radbot is a radiator valve that you screw on your radiator in place of your old valve. Its purposeful design ensures that you do not have to constantly adjust or fiddle with it to be comfortable. It features a simple dial on which you can set your preferred temperature. This is the temperature Radbot heats your rooms to as it learns your patterns. It does this using occupancy sensors that detect light, temperature and humidity, to sense when you’re in the room, and what your heating needs are. It is constantly learning your patterns to keep you comfortable. It also comes with an override button, so that, if you need to use a room at an irregular time, you can boost your heating for about 30 minutes.