What you could be saving, for you and the environment

Our activities as humans are contributing to the deterioration of our planet. This is past debate. Amongst other greenhouse gases, increasing quantities of Carbon Dioxide are getting trapped in the atmosphere, causing the earth to get warmer. The result of this is climate change, popularly known as Global warming. What’s more, most of these  gases stay in the atmosphere for centuries, so the actions and inactions we are taking now are certain to affect the generations we  leave behind.

While an increased number than, say a decade ago, are taking steps towards cleaner energy, they are only a drop in the warming ocean – pun intended. The hipsters cannot do this alone. Until everyone that exists on this planet begins to make some effort towards respecting it, we cannot achieve any change of a significant percentage.

If we’re speaking of significance, 80% of domestic gas consumption is for heating our homes when it’s chilly outside. While this might be inevitable, a good chunk of this heating being wasted in rooms no one is using is not. Yet your pocket, and the environment, are paying for it. While we work towards a day when a more sustainable method is ubiquitous, we can at least begin to curb this production of harmful waste.

A pretty simple way to achieve efficient heating is by precise heating control. We have created an intelligent, uncomplicated device that does this by learning and predicting your needs. You don’t need to be constantly at war with your thermostat – once you have a Radbot fitted to your radiator, your comfort from then on is its goal.

But we need you for this last stretch. We need the funds and backing for a small production run. Our goal is that by next winter, we can produce a quantity sufficient to be in enough homes  to begin to make a dent in the damage we’re doing. Help us, help earth, and help yourself.